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Maui News “Art In View” writes-

“Be illuminated with the new works of Germany-based artist Udo Noger, along with fresh pieces by Bill Moore and David Ivan Clark, of California, and Randall Reid, of Texas.

Noger, who’s preparing for an August solo exhibition at The Contemporary Museum on Oahu, will introduce his work, which focuses on light as a medium, at Paia Contemporary Gallery on the north shore during a talk at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Noger “is highly recognized as one of the most exciting international contemporary artists currently,” gallery director Lauren Harris said. “He works with ‘light as his medium,’ taking the world of painting into the next dimension, and challenging the viewer to be still, as the works breathe life on their own.”

Gleiches - by Udo Noger - mixed media canvas - 55 x 96 inches - year 2010 - at Paia Contemporary Gallery

Gleiches - by Udo Noger

The four-man exhibition features new work by the artists. The show opens Saturday and continues through Aug. 15. Reid will speak about his work at 6:30 p.m.

Moore works with layers on layers of acrylic on canvas. His mastery of the medium and ever-transcendent perspective makes his work a tangible experience, according to a gallery release.

“We live in hurried times and are inundated with countless images,” Moore said in a release. “We have the capacity to immediately access a staggering wealth of information. Through my art, I am asking myself and those who would explore it, to slow down, look, touch and consider the essential colors, shapes, and textures that can feed our souls.”

Clark, who paints predominantly in oils and alkyd on stainless steel, was recently selected to show his works in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Originally from the plains of western California, his works reflect a timeless and seamless abstract landscape.

“My paintings hover in the space between romantic landscape and weathered industrial artifact,”?he said. “Dwelling in limbo, each marks the spot where nostalgia collides with fact, where celebration and elegy converge.”

Reid is known for his found objects. Treasures and remnants gleaned from travels and everyday life are recreated into windows of time. Immeasurable craftsmanship fusing metal and wood, silently whispering tales of their own history, in these ancient contemporary wall hangings.

“Just as our personal history is shaped by our memories, so is my art,”?Reid said. “The memories are evoked by the textures I create, and they reside within the materials as well.”

326 De la Tierra - by Randall Reid - mixed media metal & wood - 32.25 x 37.25 x 2 inches - year 2006 - at Paia Contemporary Gallery

De la Tierra - by artist Randall Reid

Noger is often considered one of the great pioneers in contemporary arts today, Harris said. His white-on-white series spans more than a decade, and each piece hums in life within the canvas, according to a gallery release.

“I cut out parts of the paintings to use the light itself to paint light,” Noger said. “You cannot touch the inside of my painting but you can feel it.”

The Saturday talks are free and open to the public. No official opening is slated; call to schedule a guided walkthrough.

Paia Contemporary Gallery is located at 83 Hana Highway. For details, visit or call 579-8444.

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