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New Abstract Paintings by artist Michael Kessler – March 2013


Pictured above, “Hydrolapis 11″, is one of seven new abstract paintings from artist Michael Kessler.  These nature inspired abstractions are created using “as many as 50 micro-thin layers of translucent and transparent acrylics”.  The result is an astonishingly beautiful and balanced work of art that is both playful and sophisticated.  Michael Kessler paints a variety of wooden panels to fit any size space or collection; small 15×15 inch paintings, up to large multi-panel centerpieces for big wall spaces.  Click here to view our complete collection of Michael Kessler paintings.

Udo Noger
Oil and Crayon on Paper; four new works from German artist Udo Noger, at Maui’s Paia Contemporary Gallery.

If you have visited Paia Contemporary Gallery over the past couple years, you have likely experienced the work of German artist, Udo Noger.  This month, Udo delivered several new pieces while he was visiting our gallery in Hawaii.  Pictured above are four of the 10 new abstract paintings created on paper, oil and crayon.  Each piece is beautifully framed and available individually or as a set.  To see more from artist Udo Noger, click here.  Questions or inquiries for these pieces can be made through our contact page.

Mary Mitsuda

Oahu’s Mary Mitsuda paints abstractions that draw you in…

Paia Contemporary Gallery features seven abstract artists from the Hawaiian islands.  Mary Mitsuda comes to us from our neighbor island of Oahu and has become a favorite of ours  since we began showing her work in 2009.  Recently, she flew over from Oahu to tale part in our first exhibition of 2013 and brought with her several new abstract paintings for the show.  Pictured above is a beautiful new diptych from Mary.  The pieces, titled “Discovery” and “Trail” are 36 x 36 inch wooden panels with layered acrylics.  This piece and several more are new to the gallery this month and available to view online or in person at our gallery in Paia, Hawaii.

Paia Contempoary Gallery

Spring Exhibition 2013 – Paia Contemporary Gallery – Maui, Hawaii

Lastly, we would like to thank our artists Michael Kessler and Mary Mitsuda for participating in our recent Spring Exhibition here at Paia Contemporary Gallery!  We would also like to share our thanks with everyone who came to the opening reception!  Mahalo for supporting the arts, our artists and our Paia Contemporary Gallery.  It is a great joy to be celebrating the arts with you all!  Aloha.

Written by: Matthew Nall, Co-Curator at Paia Contemporary Gallery

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Spring Exhibition 2013: Abstract Artists Mary Mitsuda & Michael Kessler

On this Spring of 2013, Paia Contemporary Gallery is featuring abstract artists Mary Mitsuda and Michael Kessler. The  Opening Reception for their new work is on March 2nd (6-8pm). Please join us for a fantastic event!


MARY MITSUDA’s awards include ‘Artists of Hawaii’ (Honolulu Academy of Arts) and the ‘Reuben Tam Award’ for Painting. Her modern artwork has been widely exhibited via national galleries and abroad, and has been featured in over 150 exhibitions since 1992. Mary Mitsuda’s contemporary paintings reside in many public, private and corporate collections including the Four Seasons Wailea, Ritz Carlton, Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, The Contemporary Museum, Bank of Hawaii and many more.

MICHAEL KESSLER ’s abstract art awards include the Rome Prize for Painting from the American Academy in Rome in 1990, and a Pollock/Krasner Award in Painting in 1992. Kessler’s modern artwork has been widely exhibited in the US and abroad via international and national galleries, and has been featured in over 150 SOLO exhibitions since 1983. His abstract contemporary paintings are widely collected and appear in over 20 museum collections in the US, including the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


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Vote for Paia Maui Hawaii & the Art Maui Scene

art-mauiCoastal Living Magazine has nominated Paia Maui Hawaii for America’s “Happiest Seaside Town”!  We need your votes!  Please click the image below and vote for Paia and the art Maui scene to help your favorite beach town make it to the top!  You can vote once a day through February 28th when the winner will be announced. Mahalo for your support!

Paia Contemporary Gallery has been the most prominent component of the abstract art Maui scene since 2007. If you are passionate about abstract art, you owe it to yourself to visit this unique Hawaii gallery.

Established in 2007 and located on the North Shore, this gallery sits at the center of the art Maui scene. Paia Contemporary Gallery exclusively focuses in mixed media artists from the abstract contemporary art world, emanating from the American abstract Expressionism genre. Our Hawaii gallery mainly represents important and a well established core group of international, national and Hawaii contemporary abstract artists creating abstract paintings, wood sculptures, ceramic sculptures and glass sculptures.

Working from Paia Contemporary Gallery’s unique perspective, we are strongly committed to bringing back the genuine feel of the American abstract contemporary art gallery and to improve how the art Maui scene is perceived. With this in mind, we are continuously striving to create the most unique of Maui’s art galleries. Continuously selecting the highest quality abstract artwork that is respectfully displayed, we look forward to providing our clients with outstanding personalized art services. We want to keep on inspiring a very desirable Hawaii art gallery culture, which provides both artist and collectors with the Maui art gallery Hawaii, they well deserve.

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Abstract glass sculptures by John Kiley | mixed media sculptures by Pascal Pierme | abstract paintings by Scott Plear

It’s time for our 2012 Year-End Exhibition at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Join us, December 15th, from 6-8pm for our Artist Reception for to view our new collection of abstract glass sculptures, mixed media sculptures and abstract paintings.

Abstract Glass Sculptures by John Kiley (Seattle, WA)

John Kiley has been blowing glass professionally for over 20 years. His honors include an Artist Residency and the People’s Choice Award from The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, “Best In Show” at Ohio State University’s “Breakthrough Ideas In Global Glass” exhibition and scholarships from the Pilchuck Glass School and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  Since 2008, his abstract glass sculptures have been featured in over 20 national and international exhibitions. John Kiley’s abstract glass sculptures reside in such collections as The Museum of Glass, Sir Elton John and the Seven Bridges Foundation.

Mixed Media Sculptor Pascal Pierme (France – Residence in Santa Fe, NM)

Pascal Pierme’s contemporary wall sculptures and free standing 3d art, has been widely featured in over 150 exhibitions in both national galleries and internationally since 1990. His modern artwork is displayed in public, private, and corporate collections across the world, including Carol Burnett’s private collection, Collogny City Hall of Switzerland, Mont Parnes Hotel & Casino of Greece, Marriott Hotel, and Pierre Cardin’s residence [Cannes, France], Palais Bulles [France], City Hall [Collogny], Equifax World Headquarters, Active Health [New York].

Abstract Paintings by Scott Plear (BC, Canada)

Scott Plear has been creating abstract artwork for more than 35 years, exhibiting in Canada, the U.S. & the United Kingdom. Since 1986, Plear has been a faculty member in the Fine Arts Department, Langara College, serving terms as department chair and division chair during that time. He attended several Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops from 1977 – 2000 and has completed several contemporary paintings as commissions for Bentall/Kennedy between 2007 and 2011. He was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2004 in recognition for his extraordinary modern artwork.

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Modern Luxury Magazine features abstract artist Alejandro Goya & his Paia Art Gallery


Thanks to gallerist Alejandro Goya and his Paia art gallery, Paia become a miniature hotbed for contemporary art on the Valley Isle.” – Hawaii Modern Luxury Magazine.

Modern Luxury Hawaii Magazine featuring Paia Contemporary Gallery

“I live like I paint,” declares painter Al Schwartz. “Making bold moves opens doors in life.” The Tacoma-born artist takes his cues from nature, often incorporating it directly into his pieces. He applies layers of red volcanic dirt to his massive canvases, sanding them down to create arresting, colorful patinas. Schwartz took a leap in moving to Maui more than a decade ago- in all, a bold move for an abstract artist. As it turned out, Schwartz found a strong a strong niche for contemporary art on Maui, scoring spots in several juried shows and a residency at the Four Seasons Resort Maui. On the North Shore, Schwartz’s works dwell at this Paia art gallery. Launched in 2007 by Argentine artist Alejandro Goya, this jewel box of a gallery packs the sophistication and currency of its cosmopolitan counterparts.

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Abstract Sculptures by Jessica Drenk | Paintings by Mary Mitsuda


JESSICA DRENK with her abstract sculptures made with pencil have been receiving a lot of buzz this week through art blogs like VisualNews , Fubiz and TrendHunter. This, coming after the recent write up in the Dallas News that calls her abstract sculptures “…intelligent and elegant. It both blurs and parses the boundaries between natural and man-made things”. To view current available abstract sculptures by Jessica Drenk, click the image below.

Jessica Drenk was the recipient of the International Sculptures Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.  Her abstract sculptures and free standing 3d art have been pictured in Sculpture Magazine and seen in shows at the International Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, the Albuquerque Museum, the Tucson Museum of Art, the International Book Fair of Contemporary Creative Books in Marseilles, France, as well as in several national galleries. In 2009, Jessica Drenk received an Artist Project Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, funding the installation of Archaeologica: A Museum of the Disposable at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona.  In 2010 her work was featured in shows at Conrad Wilde Gallery in Tucson, Catherine Person Gallery in Seattle, and Aqua Art Miami contemporary art fair in Miami Beach.


Oahu artist Mary Mitsuda has donated a beautiful 20 x 20 inch painting to the Book Trust auction that will be held on Maui later in the month. This is an amazing opportunity to support a great cause by collecting a wonderful Hawaii artist. Book Trust helps to bring books to low income school kids here in Hawaii and several other states. If you are interested in bidding on Mary Mitsuda’s paintings, the auction will be held on Saturday, November 17th 2012. To sign up, or the read more information, click on the image of the available painting below…

Paia Contemporary Gallery’s Winter Show is fast approaching. On December 15th 2012, we will be featuring new works by two incredible wall-sculpture artists, Pascal Pierme and Randall Reid, as well as the vibrant paintings of Scott Plear. We hope you will join us!



110812-B – by Brad Huck – mixed media – 17.25 x 15.25 x 2.25 framed – year 2012

Lastly, a selection of new artwork has arrived to the gallery this week. Here is a sneak peak of the new pieces by Maui artists Brad Huck and Al Schwartz.

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New Abstract Paintings at Paia Contemporary Gallery

Mary Mitsuda New Abstract Paintings

Oahu artist Mary Mitsuda recently completed two large abstract paintings. Each canvas spanning 72 x 84 inches, they are stunningly vibrant works for a large wall space. Titles “Wai” and “La” are Hawaiian words for water and sun from which these abstract paintings are inspired. Mary Mitsuda is a Hawaii artist and have been inspiring us for over 40 years with her magnificent abstract art. Other places to see her work are at The Honolulu Museum of Art


Lā – by Mary Mituda – acrylic on panel – 72 x 90 inches – year 2012 – Paia Contemporary Gallery


Wai (Water) – by Mary Mituda – acrylic on panel – 72 x 84 inches – year 2012 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Michael Kessler New Abstract Paintings

A smaller earth-toned triptych from Michael Kessler with individually titled panels, “Lunate” “Lunetter” and “Lyddite”. This pieces are finished with and epoxy resin making the colors and details come forward with increase intensity. Michael Kessler’s abstract paintings are built in layers creating a complex and deep final skin.

abstract paintings

Lunate Lunetter and Lyddite (triptych) – by Michael Kessler – acylic on panel – 11 x 11 inches – year 2012 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Pascal Pierme New Abstract Sculpture

A 15-piece wall sculpture carved from mahogany by artist Pascal Pierme. The piece, titled “Les Origines 71″ (Origins 71), displays various finishes, colors and textures depending on the angle of viewing. At the same time, depending on the angle in which the light hits the parts of the wall sculpture, its shadows create a second visual element that could be thought of as a more interesting material than the sculpture itself.


2210 Les Origines 71 [multiple parts] – by Pascal – mahogany – 31 x 44 inches – year 2012 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery

As always, we are here to help and you have any questions on either of these new pieces please feel free to CONTACT us

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Artist Updates, News & New Abstract Paintings @ Paia Contemporary Gallery

Artist Updates:

David Ivan Clark is featured in a new show at the Gallery IMA (Seattle, Washington). This one-man exhibition features his oil on steel abstract paintings and runs until the end of the October. To see current available abstract paintings by David Ivan Clark, click here.

Here is a photo of the Michael Kessler‘s new work that will appear in an upcoming Terrence Malick film. Scenes from the movie will be shot in Austin, Texas at the Soaring Wings building where Michael Kessler’s abstract paintings hang. The film is currently untitled, so stay tuned to future Artist Updates for more information. Click here to view current works from Michael Kessler.

Michael Kessler Painting

Last month’s “Art-4-Life” silent auction went to benefiting the Aids Foundation Houston. MacKay Otto was among the artists who donated his abstract paintings in this auction that raised over $90,000. The event was held at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, Texas.

“The Power of Two” is a new exhibition featuring visual art couples from Florida. PCG artist Joe Segal and wife Theresa are featured in the show at Maitland Art Center, Florida. Click here to view current works from Joe Segal.

Maui Art News:

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center will open a new exhibition on October 21st featuring a selection of ceramic works created by female artists from Japan. Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle.

Mark your calenders: Paia Contemporary Gallery‘s next show will be on December 15th, 2012; Featuring new works by artists Pascal, Scott Plear and Randall Reid. Connect with us on Facebook or join our email list to receive updates on upcoming shows and exhibitions.

New work from the studio of Joe Segal:

Inline image 3
Within VIII – by Joe Segal –  Wood Acrylic & Aluminum – 60 x 10 – year 2011 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery
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