Pascal Pierme

Mixed Media Sculptures

About the Artist
The abstract sculptures and free standing 3d art by Pascal Pierme, has been widely featured in over 150 exhibitions in both internationally and national galleries since 1990. His abstract sculptures are displayed in public, private, and corporate collections across the world, including Carol Burnett’s private collection, Colony City Hall of Switzerland, Mont Parnes Hotel & Casino of Greece, Marriott Hotel, and Pierre Cardin’s residence [Cannes, France], Palais Bulles [France], City Hall [Colony], Equifax World Headquarters, Active Health [New York].

Artist Statement
“I enjoy questions more than answers; that is where my obsession to create begins. I am happy if you see my modern sculptures more as an interrogation than an affirmation. Scientists say water has memory, I think wood has memory too; because of its individuality, its smell, its temperature, its origin. Wood is strong, smart, full of character and unexpected.” -Pascal Pierme

Pascal Pierme

Abstract sculptor Pascal Pierme represented by Paia Contemporary Gallery – Hawaii Gallery

St. Raphael, France
Sante Fe, New Mexico
Art History and Technique, St Raphael, France

Selected Collections
Bill Redecker, ABC
Roger Guillemin, Nobel Prize Medecine
Palais Bulles, Pierre Cardin’s residence – Cannes, France
Carol Burnett, Santa Fe, NM
City Hall – Collogny, Switzerland
Marriott Hotels – Nationwide
Active Health – New York, NY
Equifax World Headquarters
Merrion Oil and Gas – Farmington, New Mexico
Mont Parnes Hotel & Casino – Parnes, Dytiki Ellada, Greece
Jerdan Enterprises Inc. – Montrose, NY
Alston & Bird Law Firm – Atlanta, GA; New York, NY; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC
TrizecHahn, One Alliance center – USA and Canada
Cohen, Pollock, Merlin, Axelrod & Small, P.C. – Atlanta, GA
PZENA Un Edge Funds – New York, NY
Eldorado Hotel – Santa Fe, NM
Community Bank – Santa Fe, NM
Studley Real Estate – New York, NY
Valley Ho Hotel – Scottsdale, AZ
Rocky Mountain Healthcare Foundation – Avista, LIttleton, Parker and Porter, CO
Sanctuary Hotel and Spa – Scottsdale, AZ
Coastwise Capital Group, llC. – La Jolla, CA
Bagby & Company – Chicago, IL
LPL Financial Services – San Diego, CA
Irving Hughes – San Diego, CA
Bo and Steve Golovan, Castelbar Real Estate – Chicago, IL
Tom Matola, Casa Blanca Records – New York, NY
Homer Delawie, Architect – San Diego, CA
Robert Varakian, CEO, Nambe Mills – Santa Fe, NM
Douglas H. Austin, FAIA, Chairman/CEO, Austin Veum Robbins Partners – San Diego, CA
Arthur Turk, MD – Tustin, CA
Mitchell Leon, President, Design Write – Princeton, NJ
Cy Barcus, Cy Barcus Homes – Dallas, TX
Thoms and Pam Grossjung, Integrated Health Care Services – Coral Springs, FL
David and Connie DiCarlo, Blank Rome LLP – Washington, DC
Perry MacKrill, PM Design Studio – Washington, DC
Mike Rose, President, Sherman Williams Paints – Los Angeles, CA
Mitchell Channon, Mitchell Cannon Design – Chicago, IL
R.C. Peterson, The Peterson Group Building & Development – Anchorage, AK
Vaught & Clements, Vaught Faye Architects – Fort Collins, CO
Dr. Avi & Nitsa Reich, Helmsley Hotel, #120 – New York, NY
Kurt & Cynthia Kalkomey – Dallas, TX
Ron & Irene Krutulis – Homerglenn, IL
Heukel AG & Co. KG aA Dueseldorf, Germany
Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Care Center Santa Fe, NM
Bill Redeker, Park City UT

Solo exhibitions
2012 Pascal Pierme, Alan Avery Art Company, Atlanta, GA
2012 Pascal Pierme, Paia Contemporary Gallery, Paia, Maui, Hawaii
2012 Calvin Charles Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2012 Pascal Pierme, I M A Gallery, Seattle, WA
2012 JAG Contemporary, La Jolla, Ca
2012 G F Contemporary Gallery, Sante Fe, NM
2011 Paia, HI, Paia Contemporary Gallery
2011 Tulsa, OK , Aberson Exhibits
2010 Pascal Pierme, Santa Fe, NM, Zane Bennett Gallery
2010 Scottsdale, AZ, Calvin Charles Gallery
2009 Santa Fe, NM, Zane Bennett contemporary Art
2008 Santa Fe, NM, 707 Contemporary
2008 Pascal Pierme, La Jolla, California Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
2007 Santa Fe, New Mexico, 707 Contemporary
2007 La Jolla, California, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
2007 Chicago, Illinois, Fonction+Art
2007 Pascal Pierme, Las Cruces, New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts
2005 Santa Fe, New Mexico, 707 Contemporary
2004 Scottsdale Arizona, Calvin Charles Gallery
2004 Aspen, Colorado, Aspen International Art
2004 Santa Fe New Mexico, 707 Contemporary
2004 La Jolla California, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
2003 Santa Fe, New Mexico, 707 Contemporary
2003 La Jolla, California, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
2003 Aspen, Colorado, Aspen International Art Gallery
2003 Atlanta, Georgia, Trinity Gallery
2002 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Expression in Fine Art
2001 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Expressions in Fine Art
2001 Pascal Pierme, Palm Desert, California, Soho Gallery
2000 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Expressions in Fine Art
1999 Palm Desert, California, Soho Gallery
1998 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Waxlander/Khadoure Gallery
1997 Aspen, Colorado, Miranda Galleries
1997 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Waxlander/Khadoure Gallery
1996 Saint Moritz, Switzerland, Suvretta Hotel
1996 Geneve/Cologny, Switzerland, Le Manoir de Cologny
1995 Mougins, France, Galerie du Lavoir
1994 Theoule/mer, France, Club de Port la Galere
1994 Theoule/mer, France, Galerie Pierre Cardin
1993 Valbonne, France, Espace d’art Contemporain
1993 Pascal Pierme, Cannes, France, Galerie 17
1992 Besancon, France, Galerie des Quais
1991 Grenoble, France, Espace Totem
1991 Pascal Pierme, Tourtour, France, Moulin a Huile
1989 Pascal Pierme, Tourtour, France, Galerie Revelli

Group exhibitions
2010 Dallas, TX, Dallas Art Fair, Zane Bennett Gallery
2010 Las Cruces, NM, Preston Art Center
2010 New York, NY, French Consulat
2010 Chicago, IL, Chicago Art Faire Zane Bennett Gallery
2009 Miami, FL, Miami Art Faire, Zane Bennett Gallery
2009 Las Cruces New Mexico, Preston Art Center
2009 Xiamen, China, Chinese European Art Center
2009 Houston, TX, Logan Fine Art
2008 New York, NY, Poltrau Frau show
2008 New York, NY, Living with Art
2008 Paia, Hawaii, Contemporary Gallery
2008 Cannes France, Happy Art Gallery
2008 Ube, Japan, Ube Center of Art
2007 Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix Art Museum
2006 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Riva Yares Gallery
2006 Miami, Florida, ART Miami – International Art Fair
2006 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Annex
2005 New York , New York, Living with Art
2004 Atlanta, Georgia, International Atlanta Art Fair
2004 Scottsdale Arizona, 1002 Project – Calvin Charles Gallery
2003 New York, New York, Michelle Delamour Show
2004 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Anderson Gallery
2004 Scottsdale, Arizona, Calvin Charles Gallery
2001 Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Horse Power Project – proceeds to select charities
2001 Palm Springs, California, International Art Fair
2000 Atlanta, Georgia, Trinity Gallery
2000 Las Vegas, Nevada, Street of Dream, show case
2000 Palm Spring, California, International Art Fair
2000 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aid and Comfort
1999 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Governor’s Gallery
1999 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aid and Comfort
1998 Montgomery, Alabama, Museum of fine arts
1998 Albuquerque, New Mexico, Albuquerque Museum
1998 Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aid and Comfort
1998 Los Alamos, New Mexico, Fuller Lodge Art Center
1998 Los Alamos, New Mexico, Sculptures exhibit NMG
1998 6th summer sculpture exhibit with the New Mexico sculptor guild
1996 Annecy, France, Gallery Platini
1995 Cannes, France, Hotel Martinez
1995 Nice, France, Galerie Lola Gassin
1995 Nice ,France, Galerie du Conte
1994 Menton, France, Museum, fine art Carnoles
1994 Nice, France, Accademie de sculptures
1994 Paris, France, Espace Vega
1993 Mougins, France, Espace St Petersbourg
1992 Roquebrune/argens, France, Fondation Benazeraf
1991 Paris, France, Galerie Herouet
1990 Biot, France, Galerie l’Ange vert
1989 Frejus, France, Private show M.M Morel

Art-related [selected 1980-2006]
Curatorial ”1002 Project” Calvin Charles Gallery Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
ART in Schools, 42 child participants, E.J Martinez Elementary – Santa Fe, NM, USA
Art in Embassies, international
Art in Architecture, national
Assistant Sculptor to Dan You for feature film creation, France
Assistant Muralist, Palais Bulles, Pierre Cardin’s residence – Cannes, France
Collaboration with Architect Anti Lovag, “Urban Project,” France
Working Residency, bronze foundry, Belfiort, Pietra Santa, Italy
Techniques in Metalsmithing (gold), France

2006 Artwork International, Inc: Pascal Sculpture
2004 Fresco Fine Art Edition: Abstract Art
2002 Fresco Fine Art Edition: New Mexico Millennium
2001 Fresco Fine Art Edition: New Mexico Millennium

Selected press
2006 The Albuquerque Journal: “Pascal: With the Grain”
The Magazine: “Pascal: Soluble dans l’air”
2004 Arizona Republic: “Pascal at Calvin Charles Gallery”
2001 Santa Fe New Mexican: “Horses of a different color”
2000 Santa Fe New Mexican – Pasatiempo: “Pascal’s enduring passion for wood…”
1998 Desert Sun: “French artist restores life to wood”
Santa Fe New Mexican – Pasatiempo: “Fuller Lodge kicks off new exhibit”
Aspen Magazine: People
Santa Fe New Mexican: “Art blooms in play-garden”
1996 Nice Matin: “Conference et diaporama de Pascal, dans cadre de son expose”
Nice Matin: “Au Manoir de Cologny – Pascal expose…”
1995 Nice Matin – Mougins: “Un dialogue avec la matiere…”
Nice Matin – “Theoule-Sur-Mer: “Peinture et sculpture : rendez-vous reussi”
1994 Nice Matin – Vences: “De New York a la Provence…”
1993 Valbonne: “Enveloping and Continuous Movement”
Nice Matin: “Vernissage-prestige”
Nice Matin: “Exposition galerie Lola Gassin…”
1992 Var Matin: “Catherine Fiault and Pascal Pierme at the Gallery des Quais”
Var Matin: “Pascal and J. Lendi at the St. Pierre Chapel
Nice Matin: “Chapelle du Parage- exposition du sculpteur Pascal”
Nice Matin – Tourtour: “Pascal Pierme expose…”
1991 Nice Matin – Tourtour: “Pascal Pierme expose…”
Nice Matin – Tourtour: “Pascal, Sculpteur et humaniste”
1989 Nice Matin – Tourtour: “Pascal Pierme artiste”