Jean Paul Blais

Original Abstract Sculptures

About The Artist
Since 1997, Jean Paul Blais’ abstract wall sculptures have been featured in a number of international exhibitions including Switzerland, Belgium, France and USA. His work resides in many private and public collections including the Villa de Gland and Fondation de Corse. Born in Tunisia, the smallest country of northern Africa, Jean Paul Blais has now lived and worked in Switzerland for over 30 years.

Artist Statement
Once past the fear of darkness, in the darkness we see light. The reassuring presence of a proposal whose novelty turns unusual, invades and encourages us to become curious; even though we believed everything is already namely black. In my abstract wall sculptures we can almost feel the presence of a new code, which allows us to enter into ourselves. Black becomes the color of an awareness that is our singularity. Because my abstract wood sculptures are not black in the binary, they are not opposed to whites, they do not represent a shadow and do not carry medieval symbolism.

Jean Paul Blais

Abstract sculptor Jean Paul Blais represented by Paia Contemporary Gallery – Hawaii Gallery

Tunis, Tunisia
Self taught
Lausanne, Switzerland

Select Collections
Maison Communale de Gland
Retraites Populaires
Fondation Jeunesse et Familles
Fondation de Corse

Select Exhibitions
2013 Paia Contemporary gallery – Hawaï, USA
2013 Jean Paul Blais, LKFF ART & Sculptures projects – Bruxelles – Belgique
2013 Jean Paul Blais, Galerie de la Grande Fontaine,-Sion, Switzerland
2012 Solo Exhibition, Galerie 29 , Evian, France
2011 Solo Exhibition, Galerie du château d’Avenches , Avenches, Switzerland
2011 Solo Exhibition, Galerie Art-Etage , Bienne, Switzerland
2011 Jean Paul Blais, Espace Huis-Clos , Sierre, Switzerland
2011 Ferrari Art Gallery , Vevey, Switzerland
2010 Jean Paul Blais, Galerie Junod , Nyon, Switzerland
2010 Galerie de la Chapelle , Lancy, Switzerland
2010 Galerie Ô quai des arts( FAG) , Vevey, Switzerland
2009 Solo Exhibition, Galerie Hofstetter , Fribourg, Switzerland
2009 Galerie Jean-Michel Gard , Martigny, Switzerland
2008 SJean Paul Blais, Galerie Ô quai des arts (FAG) , Vevey, Switzerland
2008 Solo Exhibition, Galerie 7 Jean-Michel Gard , Martigny, Switzerland
2008 Galerie Jean-Michel Gard , Martigny, Switzerland
2007 Solo Exhibition, Galerie 7 Jean-Michel Gard
2007 Solo Exhibition, Galerie Jean-Jacques Hofstetter
2007 Jean Paul Blais, Galerie Plexus , Chexbres, Switzerland
2006 Espace Contemporain , Beaune, France
2006 Galerie Hofstetter , Fribourg, Switzerland
2003 Solo Exhibition, Galerie Plexus , Chexbres
1998 Jean Paul Blais, Galerie Plexus , Chexbres, Switzerland
1998 Galerie Plexus , Chexbres, Switzerland
1997 Galerie Collis , Lausanne, Switzerland