ABSTRACT SCULPTURES by Randall Reid, NEW ARRIVALS | Paia Contemporary Gallery


894 Dry Fields – By Randall Reid – Steel wood & paint – 27 x 28 x 2 inches – year 2009 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery


374 Madera Verde – by Randall Reid – Steel wood & paint – 13.25 x 11.5 x 2 inches – year 2005 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Paia Contemporary Gallery uncrated these two new abstract sculptures by Randall Reid last week. I am exited to share with you the images of Dry Fields and Madera Verde which are made of steal, wood and paint. These mixed media works came straight from the artist’s personal art collection and were made on 2005 and 2009, with materials dated from who knows when. I am a big fan of Randall Reid’s old abstract sculptures and I get very exited when I bring over to our Maui gallery these rare finds. It is difficult to say where the artist exactly finds his weathered building blocks, but as far as I know they mainly come from dismantling old machines, tools, furniture, fences, signs, etc. Basically, Randall Reid’s abstract sculptures are all about death and rebirth. Taking apart aged and obsolete objects, the artist gives them a new life and meaning in a new world, and with a completely new identity. In their past life their function served a practical and short term purpose; now viewed as art building elements, these worthless materials become spiritual, immortal and for some, priceless.

About The Artist
Abstract sculptor Randall Reid is Professor of Art and Design at Texas State University San Marcos since 1988. His modern artwork has been featured in over 300 shows and exhibitions both internationally and at national galleries. Randall Reid is represented in numerous private and public collections including The American Embassy, The Arkansas Art Center, The Austin Museum of Art, The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, The Masur Museum and The Muscarelle Museum of Fine Arts.


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