New Abstract Paintings at Paia Contemporary Gallery

Mary Mitsuda New Abstract Paintings

Oahu artist Mary Mitsuda recently completed two large abstract paintings. Each canvas spanning 72 x 84 inches, they are stunningly vibrant works for a large wall space. Titles “Wai” and “La” are Hawaiian words for water and sun from which these abstract paintings are inspired. Mary Mitsuda is a Hawaii artist and have been inspiring us for over 40 years with her magnificent abstract art. Other places to see her work are at The Honolulu Museum of Art


Lā – by Mary Mituda – acrylic on panel – 72 x 90 inches – year 2012 – Paia Contemporary Gallery


Wai (Water) – by Mary Mituda – acrylic on panel – 72 x 84 inches – year 2012 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Michael Kessler New Abstract Paintings

A smaller earth-toned triptych from Michael Kessler with individually titled panels, “Lunate” “Lunetter” and “Lyddite”. This pieces are finished with and epoxy resin making the colors and details come forward with increase intensity. Michael Kessler’s abstract paintings are built in layers creating a complex and deep final skin.

abstract paintings

Lunate Lunetter and Lyddite (triptych) – by Michael Kessler – acylic on panel – 11 x 11 inches – year 2012 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Pascal Pierme New Abstract Sculpture

A 15-piece wall sculpture carved from mahogany by artist Pascal Pierme. The piece, titled “Les Origines 71″ (Origins 71), displays various finishes, colors and textures depending on the angle of viewing. At the same time, depending on the angle in which the light hits the parts of the wall sculpture, its shadows create a second visual element that could be thought of as a more interesting material than the sculpture itself.


2210 Les Origines 71 [multiple parts] – by Pascal – mahogany – 31 x 44 inches – year 2012 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery

As always, we are here to help and you have any questions on either of these new pieces please feel free to CONTACT us

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