NEW ABSTRACT PAINTING by Alejandro Goya at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Mana Aina # 7 [horizontal] – by Alejandro Goya – mixed media on panel – 36 x 12 x 2 inches – year 2015 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery

New Abstract Painting by Alejandro Goya

This is one is one of those paintings that feels easy and balanced, then again it took forever to complete. I’m so hoping to get a break and start layering one of those paintings I can complete in less time than my latest ones, please! It might be that I’m moving into a new thing, I hope, or at least it is feeling like trying. And this “trying” to find what this new thing is, is getting me into all kinds of troubles; certainly a slow motion phase. The one good aspect about paintings that take forever, is that they have a higher level of complexity and tend to be my most unique artwork. I hope that when I figure it all out, if such moment ever happens, things will start flowing easily and mostly, magically. Also, not yet sure about the way Mana Aina #7 should hang. So far vertical just like here but be my guest and turn it around any way you want… very little gravity pull on this mixed media panel.

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