New Abstract Glass Sculptures by John Kiley at Paia Contemporary Gallery

Abstract Glass Sculpures by Artist John Kiley

Tittles: Opaque Concentric & Curved Seaweed Overlap
Where: Paia Contemporary Gallery

New Abstract Glass Sculptures by John Kiley at Paia Contemporary Gallery

Here are two of the three new abstract glass sculptures created by artist John Kiley that are now on display at Paia Contemporary Gallery. Opaque Marine Overlap is made of solid opaque colored blown glass while Curved Seaweed Overlap is made of clear blown glass. John Kiley has been showing his abstract glass sculptures at Paia Contemporary Gallery since December 2012, when he first started to work on his stunning opaque glass. The two pieces above belong to his latest series where the sculptor is exploring new cuts and glass effects. If you have plans to visit Paia Town in the next few days, we currently have 4 of his 6 glasses on display at our Maui Gallery. And if you would like to view all 6 available pieces in person, please contact us to make an appointment here. Thanks for visiting our blog, have a wonderful day!

Artist Statement

“The abstract glass sculptures I make are an exploration of external and internal form; an expression of the relationship that exists between shape and light. I strive to create objects that push the material itself beyond its simple inherent beauty. When I look at a finished piece, it should be apparent to me that it could only exist in glass.” -John Kiley

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