NEW ABSTRACT ARTWORK by Alejandro Goya at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Mana Aina # 6 – by Alejandro Goya – mixed media on panel – 30 x 24 x 2 inches – year 2015 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery

New Abstract Artwork by Alejandro Goya

Here is my latest abstract artwork. As usual, this panel was 2 or 3 other possible pieces before Mana Aina #6 felt right; maybe more like 5. People sometimes ask how long does it take me to complete a painting. For the most part it is embarrassing to tell the truth since it takes longer than all abstract artists I know. To be honest, for the most part of the making process I have no idea about what I’m doing. Even when I’m done with a painting, I’m not sure if it is done; but I have to draw the line somewhere and move on. I usually have about 10 panels at my studio in the process of becoming something. Some remain in that state for years. Mana Aina #6 was stucked in that process since 2010. I’m very happy it is here after wandering for so long. You can always view more of my more of abstract artwork here.

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