New Abstract Art by Alejandro Goya


Mana Aina # 8 – by Alejandro Goya – mixed media on panel – 30 x 30 x 2 inches – year 2017 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery

New Abstract Art by Alejandro Goya


This panel was laying all over the place over the floors & walls for about 2 years, until a couple of weeks ago when I realized about that one little thing that needed to be done. In my experience Abstract art sometimes isn’t obvious when it comes to minor details, and subtleties can sometimes go unnoticed for a while; at least at my studio. Although some paintings just seems to flow and get done easily almost effortlessly, other more complicated compositions like this abstract painting where there is a great amount of spontaneity and planning all at once, just takes for over… until that very last moment when all makes sense.


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