LATEST NEWS: abstract art by JYLIAN GUSTLIN at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Paia Contemporary Gallery is very pleased to announce the latest addition to its core group of abstract artists, painter Jylian Gustlin. We have been following her abstract art over the past five years and Jylian Gustlin’s mixed media paintings are a perfect fit to our Paia gallery. We believe that her talent and original artistic vision are greatly contributing to our commitment and efforts of continuously striving to create the most unique of Hawaii’s art galleries. Here is sneak preview to one of her panels. To view Jylian Gustlin’s available art on Maui, visit our Maui gallery [11 to 7 pm], or browse our her page on our website here.

ABOUT THE ARTIST – Jylian Gustlin is a native Californian and grew up in the San Francisco bay area. She has been shaped by the technology explosion of Silicon Valley and her abstract artwork reflects her in-depth knowledge of that technology. I knew that if I finished, I would never make art” is how Jylian Gustlin explains leaving college one semester short of a degree in computer science and mathematics to attend the Academy of Art College, San Francisco. After completing her BFA, Jylian Gustlin fused her understanding of computers and her passion for art to become a graphics programmer for Apple Computer, Inc. Now, Jylian uniquely combines the effects of modern technology with traditional painting techniques. While working with acrylic and oil paints, her artwork often conveys the same complex layered effects possible in computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Just as she challenged the creative limitations of the latest computer software, Gustlin experiments with a variety of materials to discover their effects. Working with two-part epoxy resin, oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, wax, gold leaf, pastel and graphite on board, Gustlin draws, paints, scratches on her surfaces.



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