MIXED MEDIA PAINTING by Alejandro Goya at Paia Contemporary Gallery


Mana Aina # 5 – by Alejandro Goya – mixed media on panel – 24 x 24 x 2 inches – year 2015 – at Paia Contemporary Gallery






















Mixed Media Painting by Alejandro Goya

Finally a mixed media painting that just flows and feels complete in a few days! Please more like it! I keep asking myself why is it that this only happens every once in a great while, maybe this occurs when I’ve had enough with experimenting with mixed media and that my wires have kindly stopped short circuiting. Or may be my real problem is that when I’m not experimenting, I feel like am redundant or taking shortcuts. I’m not sure if this is true, or that I’m obsessive compulsive or all at the same time. Anyway, here it is, but as usual one of the most appealing qualities of my work is its skin or texture, unfortunately an irreplaceable element that can’t be reproduced on a monitor.

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